Nordic AI & Open Data Hackathon

The Nordic countries has a strong innovation culture, highly technologically literate citizens, and a public sector that are dedicated to offer valuable open data sets, in order to build new digital solutions. At this hackathon we want you to put your skills into play and demonstrate how digital solutions can help the Nordics become a leading region in digitalization, AI and responsible use of open data. The Hackathon is part of Nordic Innovation’s AI and Data program. We look forward to have you on board – and to see what ideas you have in mind!

3 locations in the Nordics – 1 hackathon!

The Hackathon will take place at 3 different locations (Stockholm, Copenhagen and Online) – BUT on the same time! Our aim is to get participants across from all of the Nordic countries, hence you can choose the location you prefer. We’ll make sure to connect across locations – so you’ll meet the rest of your Nordics peers.

Remember to sign up for the location you intend to join – please note that we have limited seats. The program follow the same timeslots for all 3 locations. Our program will be updated during February 2022, with new speakers, mentors and sessions.

What is the goal of the hackathon?

At the hackathon, we will be working around the following SDGs! We have pre-defined challenges, whereas there are great opportunities to apply AI in combination with the open data sets (described in the section below).

You are also welcome to solve other relevant challenges with the data-sets, but we will make sure to give you insights on the pre-defined 🙂.

We have engage a line mentors with relevant expertise. The mentors will therefore be able to give you insight to the industry challenges and then opportunities that lies within AI.

What data will be made available for us?

The central datasets at the hackathon are road camera datasets from across the five Nordic countries. Road camera data consists of a photo stream or data feed from web cameras located alongside roads in the Nordic countries.

Several other datasets will be curated to be used by you alongside the road camera datasets.

  • Traffic events and roadworks dataset (traffic incidents, road conditions, traffic disorders).
  • Weather datasets (wind, downpour, temperature, water levels, etc).
  • Air quality datasets (pollution in an area, air quality measurements, weather, emissions).

📝 Registration

Sorry, the event has already taken place!

Ping us at if you need help.

Open Data Hackathon Day 1

Time: March 18, 2022 15:30 - 00:00

Open Data Hackathon Day 2

Time: March 19, 2022 08:30 - 17:00