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We are a participatory society for everyone into AI at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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Workshop - McKinsey QuantumBlack

Elevate your backend development skills with an exclusive workshop on Kubernetes, led by the talented Martin Mörsell

From KTH to Spotify: Journey of ML Engineers Alva Liu and Emma Schüldt

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Our mission

At KTHAIS, we believe in the creative force of ambitious students to, from the very onset of their careers, explore and shape the future of technology. To this effect, we are inclusive of all backgrounds and seek out collaborations with other parties to achieve maximum impact in all endeavours that spike our curiosity. We organise networking events, educational lectures, workshops, hackathons and research projects for students by students.

Our goals

Provide all students at KTH with working knowledge of AI and its impacts on society in general and their specific field in particular.

Cultivate collaboration between academia and industry to promote job placement and business creation.

Broadcast new insights and results stemming from our activities to further the development and adoption of universally beneficial AI.

Our history


    Our AI Week began with the co-organization of an event with Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Later in the same week, we hosted various events with other companies in Stockholm, including SiloAI, ModulAI, and our sponsors QuantumBlack.

  • AI Innovation in Sweden, Europe, and Beyond with Sundar Pichai

    We actively participated in the preparation and organization of the event alongside Bright, KTH Innovation and Google.

    In the morning, our Chairman engaged in a discussion with CEO of Google and Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, and Swedish PM Ulf Kristersson.

    Later, a fireside chat was moderated by KTH Innovation and KTH Professor Danica Kragic, during which we had the opportunity to ask Sundar questions.

  • Nordic AI & Open Data Hackathon

    Our hackathon united participants from across the Nordic region (Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Online) to harness digital solutions and open data for the advancement of digitalization, AI, and responsible data use. The event aimed to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through predefined challenges and open datasets, including road camera data, traffic events, weather, and air quality information.

  • AI Day Fall 2021

    A memorable event in our history, KTH AI Society's AI Day on Tour provided 25 KTH students with the opportunity to visit three industry-leading companies: Sana Labs, QuantumBlack, and Modulai.

  • Search and Machine Learning at Spotify

    In a landmark event, we celebrated the pivotal role of Machine Learning (ML) in connecting users on the Spotify platform. This marked a significant moment in our history, showcasing our dedication to innovative ML-driven solutions and enhancing music discovery.

  • New Team and improved approach

    2021 elections brought together a strong team of volunteers in three teams, Business Relations & Communications, IT & Operations, and Education. Together, they work on growing the society as well as strengthening the core, formalizing relations and collaborations, and leaning into the opportunities on distance with a push for online content.

  • All Internationals Hackathon

    Targeted exclusively towards international students, this covid-safe hackathon put students in groups working into the late hours of the night to build AI solutions.

  • Sponsored

    The 2020 board was elected, and a long-term partnership with McKinsey & Company as sponsor was signed.

  • First full-day event: AI Day

    Over 150 students attended KTHAIS flagship event at the KTH union hall Nymble. Workshops with Ericsson and Accenture, panel discussions with AI Startups and meeting Furhat, the social robot from Furhat Robotics.

  • Established and up to speed

    A core team is recruited and several projects are planned and executed. Plenty of interest is seen in the student community, and participants give lots of positive feedback. KTHAIS quickly became the fastest growing organisation at KTH.

  • An idea is born

    Alexander Jacobsen came to Filip Matz with an idea: Why don't we establish an organization to build the community of students interested in AI at KTH? Together, they planted the seeds for this vision, acting with conviction that through this, us students can impact the future of AI.


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