Become a sponsor

Thanks to our close cooperation with companies, we make sure to provide our members with company events and potential career opportunities. Since our main goal is to close the gap between students and companies in the AI space, we are always interested in partnering up with companies that are interested in KTH AI Society and our members.

Our different sponsorship tiers are made to fit each company’s needs and provide marketing opportunities directed towards our members as well as events. For more information or to partner up with KTHAIS, please contact


𝚨 Alpha Partner

Previously called Von Neumann

Status: FILLED

Reserved for a single corporate organization that wants to lean into a strategic collaboration, with a front-seat position and closer contact with our members. Through recurring and tailored experiences, this organization becomes front and center in events that gather the AI community at KTH.

For a major yearly monetary contribution, the business organization gets:

  • Primary partner status of KTHAIS in close collaboration with the board with a strategic impact.
  • 1 (Digital) Flagship Event.
  • 3-5 Digital Lunch Lectures or webinars.
  • Highest level of access to our talent pool.
  • Full brand representation online and throughout all of our activities.
  • The privilege to share content and job offers on our social media platforms and mailing lists without explicit limitation.

β Beta Partner

Status: 2 OPEN SLOTS

For companies wishing to commit to KTHAIS long-term and establish a firm presence at KTH Campus through events and frequent interactions with members, this package is an attractive deal and our most popular offering.

For a minor yearly monetary contribution, business organizations get:

  • 1 (Digital) Lunch Lecture.
  • Some access to our talent pool.
  • Regular collaboration with the executive team.
  • Priority access to events and other branding opportunities. Some brand representation.
  • Priority access to posting on our social media platforms and mailing lists.

𝛔 Sigma Partner

Status: 1 OPEN SLOT

Non-profit organizations wanting to support our cause and collaborate.

𝛀 Omega Partner


For a single non-profit organization sharing our vision and wanting to collaborate strategically and have a high involvement.