Meet McKinsey Digital & QuantumBlack Stockholm

We proudly welcome you to our upcoming event with McKinsey Digital & Quantum Black.

In this informal session Quantumblack would like to show case one of their main assets that is used for customer value management, CustomerOne. CustomerOne is a ready-to-use tool which aims to optimize each stage of the customer journey using advanced analytics. It delivers impact by surfacing deep consumer insights and unlocking opportunities quickly through AI-driven technology (e.g. personalization). Organizations that adopt this accelerated path to customer value can realize twice the impact in a quarter of time.

Meet their recruiters and consultants and fire away with any questions you have!

Sign up to this exciting lunch lecture, in V3 at KTH Campus, quickly as there will only be ~80 slots available!

  • First 70 to attend get guaranteed lunch & drinks.
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  • To make sure we can accommodate any dietary restrictions, make sure to sign up early.

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Time: December 8, 2022 12:00 - 13:00

📣 Speaker

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Danilo Peng

Stockholm, Sweden

Lead Data Scientist at McKinsey & Company/Quantumblack.