All Internationals Hackathon

Ready for a night of hacking?

Meet new people at KTH with your same interests and have some fun staying all night at campus. We’ll provide some talks, food and coffee, lots of coffee!

Never programmed before? No problem, there’s people from all chapters so that might be your chance to learn something new with someone from around the world. Projects can be anything from doing a small computer in Minecraft to a 4 player tetris to play with your friends.

Use of AI is encouraged and there will be some prizes for the best projects! Maybe you can teach the computer to play ping-pong or predict tomorrow’s weather (thank-us later, snow is coming :D)!

KTH AI Society is the AI society at KTH hosting all kinds of events from lunch lectures to the big AI Day where you can get in touch with companies of the sector.

Time: October 2, 2020 16:00 - October 3, 2020 12:00