Ark Kapital Lunch lecture

This lunch lecture offers a look into the inner workings of Ark Kapital, a company that gets raw data from hundreds of scale-up companies and transforms it into a treasure trove of insights, including predicting the future of these companies. A nontrivial problem with one company’s data - an even more interesting one when done for hundreds or thousands of companies at the same time.

Lunch will be provided for the first 65 that signs up.

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Time: September 29, 2023 12:00 - 13:00

📣 Speakers

Santiago did the Machine Learning masters program at KTH, and now is a Machine Learning engineer at Ark Kapital. He is originally from Mexico where he did his engineering bachelors.

Machine Learning Lead at ArK, talking about Machine Learning System Design, Software Architecture and Platform Engineering.

Elin joined Ark at around 10 employees. Working in the AI/ML team, the main focus is delivering high quality forecasts. Completed her masters at Computer Science at KTH, including a small trip into industrial management.

Speaker picture
Celine Hallström

Stockholm, Sweden

Celine studied the Media Technology program with the masters program in Machine Learning at KTH and graduated the summer of 2023. She is now working as a Data Engineer at ArK.

Room: Arenan
Location: Teknikringen 1*, Stockholm*, Sweden*