I want to post here, how do I proceed?

For now, the job board is operating manually and you inquire by sending an email to max@kthais.com. To make the process as sufficient as possible, please include a short description of the position, title, company name, location, logotype, and a link to your job posting.

What's the benefit of posting on this job board?

Posting your position here is a unique way of reaching the talented students at KTH. Especially to our 300+ members in the society who are interested in the field AI. That makes the job board an effective way to attract the right talent to your business.

How much does it cost?

For now, to post on the job board will be free of charge!

If I make an Inquiry how long before I can see the position?

The job board gets manually updated. We will follow up on our request as soon as possible.

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